Computer Security and Cryptography Books

Advanced Topics in Cryptography
MIT OpenCourseWare, 2003

Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO'96
by Neal Koblitz (ed.), 1996, 456 pp, multiple PDF files

Basic Cryptanalysis
United States Department of the Army, 1990, PDF/PS

A brief introduction of quantum cryptography for engineers
by Bing Qi, Li Qian, Hoi-Kwong Lo, 2010, 36 pages, 640KB, PDF

Cryptography, A Study on Secret Writings
by Andre Langie, 1922, 192 pages, 15MB, PDF

Cryptography: An Introduction
by N.P. Smart, 2004, 436 pp, 3.4MB, PS

Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
by Anna Lysyanskaya, 2001, PS

Cryptography and Data Security
by Dorothy Elizabeth Rob, ling Denning, 1982, 419 pages, 19MB, PDF

Cryptography and Security in Computing
by Jaydip Sen (ed.), 2012, 242 pp, 4.1MB, PDF

Cyber Infrastructure Protection
by Tarek N. Saadawi, Louis H. Jordan Jr. 2011, 324 pages, 3.2MB, PDF

The Developer Highway Code
by Paul Maher, Alex Mackman, 2006, 163 pages, 6.6MB, PDF

Fundamentals of Cryptology: A Professional Reference and Interactive Tutorial
by Henk C. A. van Tilborg, 1999, 503 pages, 2.9MB, PDF

Good Digital Hygiene: A guide to staying secure in cyberspace
by Ed Gelbstein, 2013, 86 pp, 14MB, PDF

A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography
by Dan Boneh, Victor Shoup, 2017, 818 pp, 25MB, PDF

Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python
by Al Sweigart, 2013, 436 pp, 6.8MB, PDF

Handbook of Applied Cryptography
by Alfred Menezes, Paul van Oorschot, Scott Vanstone, 1996, 816 pages, PDF

Information Security and Privacy in Network Environments
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1994, 248 pp, 5.4MB, PDF

Introduction to Modern Cryptography
by Mihir Bellare, Phillip Rogaway, 2005, PDF

The Laws of Cryptography with Java Code
by Neal R. Wagner, 2003, 334 pages, 1.1MB, PDF

Markets for Cybercrime Tools and Stolen Data: Hackers' Bazaar
by Lillian Ablon, Martin C. Libicki, Andrea A. Golay, 2014, 83 pp, 1.7MB, PDF

Mathematical Cryptology
by Keijo Ruohonen, 2010, 136 pp, 1.1MB, PDF

Military Cryptanalysis
by William F. Friedman, 1936, PDF

Modern Cryptography
by Phillip Rogaway, 2000, PS

Network Security and Management
Wikipedia, 2014, online html

Practical Cryptography for Developers
by Svetlin Nakov, 2018, 236 pp, online html

Provable Security of Networks
by Angsheng Li, Yicheng Pan, Wei Zhang, 2013, 81 pp, 530KB, PDF

Quantum Cryptography
by N. Gisin, G. Ribordy, W. Tittel, H. Zbinden, 2001, 57 pages, 1.4MB, PDF

Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks
by Georgios Kambourakis, et al., 2018, 174 pp, 20MB, PDF

The Security Development Lifecycle
by Michael Howard, Steve Lipner, 2006, 352 pp, multiple formats

Security Enhanced Applications for Information Systems
by Christos Kalloniatis, 2012, 224 pp, 5.2MB, PDF

Visual Cryptography and Its Applications
by Jonathan Weir, WeiQi Yan, 2012, 144 pp, 6.2MB, PDF