Earth Science Books Online

Acceptable Risk?: Making Decisions in a Toxic Environment
by Lee Clarke, 1991

Africa: Atlas of our Changing Environment
United Nations Environment Programme, 2008, 396 pages, 44MB, PDF

Ancient Landscapes of the Grand Canyon Region
by Edwin Dinwiddie McKee, 1931, 56 pp, multiple formats

Antarctica: A Journey of Discovery
by Louise Huffman, Rita Thomas, Erin Carr, Katia Kontar, 2009, 60 pages, 113MB, PDF

Applications of Continuum Mechanics to Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
by Bradford Hager, 2006, PDF

Applied Geophysics
by Nicholas Rast, 1962

An Atlas of the Global Water Cycle
by Wee Ho Lim, Michael L. Roderick, 2009, 299 pages, 11MB, PDF

The Atmosphere
by Dorian S. Abbot, 2018, 182 pp, 37MB, PDF

Atmospheric and Ocean Circulations
by Alan Plumb, 2003, 181 pages, 13MB, PDF

Atmospheric Convection
by David J. Raymond, PDF

Atmospheric Pollution
by J.C. Jones, 2008, 109 pages, 4.1MB, PDF

The Australian Continent: A Geophysical Synthesis
by B. Kennett, R. Chopping, R. Blewett, 2018, 139 pp, 63MB, PDF

Averting Catastrophe: Strategies for Regulating Risky Technologies
by J. Morone, E. Woodhouse, 1988

Basaltic Volcanism on the Terrestrial Planets
by members of the Basaltic Volcanism Study Project, 1981

Basic Earth Imaging
by Jon F. Claerbout Cecil, Ida Green, 2008, 236 pages, 4.3MB, PDF

Bathymetry and Its Applications
edited by Philippe Blondel, 2012, 148 pp, 30MB, PDF

Biostratigraphic and Geological Significance of Planktonic Foraminifera
by Marcelle K. BouDagher-Fadel, 2015, 320 pp, 31MB, PDF

California riparian systems: ecology, conservation, and productive management
by Richard E Warner, 1984

California's salmon and steelhead: the struggle to restore an imperiled resource
by Alan Lufkin, 1990

Charles Lyell and Modern Geology
by Thomas George Bonney, 1895

CK-12 Earth Science
CK-12 Foundation, 2009

Climate and Transportation Solutions
by Daniel Sperling, James S. Cannon, 2010

The Carbon Neutral Myth: Offset Indulgences for Your Climate Sins
by Kevin Smith, 2007, 80 pages, 600KB, PDF

Carbon Trading: A Critical Conversation on Climate Change, Privatisation and Power
by L. Lohmann, N. Hallstrom, O. Nordberg, R. Osterbergh, 2006, 362 pages, 3.1MB, PDF

Clay Minerals in Nature: Their Characterization, Modification and Application
edited by M. Valaskova, G.S. Martynkova, 2012, 312 pp, 16MB, PDF

Climate Change
Wikibooks, 2012

Climate Change and Peak-Oil
by Kar Lee, 2012

Climate Variability: Some Aspects, Challenges and Prospects
edited by Abdel Hannachi, 2012, 192 pp, 12MB, PDF

Coal and the Environment
by S. F. Greb, C. F. Eble, D. C. Peters, A. R. Papp, 2006, 68 pages, 2.7MB, PDF

Common Minerals and Rocks
by William O. Crosby, 1881, 221 pp, multiple formats

Concise Hydrology
by Dawei Han, 2010, 145 pages, 5MB, PDF

Damming Grand Canyon: The 1923 USGS Colorado River Expedition
by Diane E. Boyer, Robert H. Webb, 2007, 305 pp, 2.5MB, PDF

Data Analysis for Environmental Science and Management
by Bruce Kendall, Chris Costello, 2006, 136 pp, 800KB, PDF

Deep Crustal Seismic Reflection Profiling
by B.L.N. Kennett, et al., 2016, 289 pp, 117MB, PDF

Deserts: Geology and Resources
by A.S. Walker, 2000

The Discovery of Global Warming
by Spencer R. Weart, 2008, PDF

Dynamics of the Atmosphere
by Richard Lindzen, 2008, 312 pages, PDF

Earth and Environmental Sciences
edited by Imran Ahmad Dar, Mithas Ahmad Dar, 2011, 630 pp, 91MB, PDF

Earth Observation
edited by Rustam B. Rustamov, Saida E. Salahova, 2012, 254 pp, 15 MB, PDF

Earth Online: An Internet Guide for Earth Science
by Michael Ritter, 1997, PDF

Earth Soundings Analysis: Processing versus Inversion
by Jon F. Claerbout, 1992, 334 pages, 3.8MB, PDF

Earth Systems: an Earth Science Course
by Christine Loew, 2009, 154 pp, 400KB, PDF

by Louis Pakiser, Kaye M. Shedlock, 1994, 24 pp, multiple formats

Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Nuclear Risks
by Katsuhiro Kamae (ed.), 2016, 177 pp, multiple formats

Earth's Dynamic Systems
by W. Kenneth Hamblin, Eric H. Christiansen, 2003, 816 pp, online html

Earth's Energy Imbalance and Implications
by J. Hansen, M. Sato, P. Kharecha, K. von Schuckmann, 2011, 52 pages, 1.1MB, PDF

The Elements of Geology
by William Harmon Norton, 1905

The Elements of Geology: Adapted to the Use of Schools and Colleges
by Justin R. Loomis, 1852, 198 pp, multiple formats

Elements of Physical Geography
by T.C. Hopkins, 1908, 516 pp, multiple formats

Encyclopedia Arctica
by Vilhjalmur Stefansson, 1951

Environmental Science in the Coastal Zone: Issues for Further Research
National Research Council, 1994, 184 pages

Environmental Technologies
by E. Burcu Ozkaraova Gungor, 2008, 268 pages, 3.5MB, PDF,

Essentials of Geophysics
by Robert Van Der Hilst, 2004, PDF

Essentials of Paleomagnetism
by Lisa Tauxe, 2010

Exercises in Active Tectonics
by Nicholas Pinter, 1996, 165 pages, PDF

Exploring the Deep Pacific
by Helen Raitt, 1956

Exploring the Earth under the Sea
by Neville Exon (ed.), 2017, 230 pp, multiple formats

The Forgiving Air: Understanding Environmental Change
by Richard C. J. Somerville, 1998

Fractal Analysis and Chaos in Geosciences
edited by Sid-Ali Ouadfeul, 2012, 174 pp, 9.4MB, PDF

Fundamentals of Air Pollution Engineering
by Richard C. Flagan, John H. Seinfeld, 1988, 554 pages, 19MB, PDF

Fundamentals of Geophysical Data Processing
by Jon Claerbout, 1985, 274 pages, PDF

Fundamentals of Physical Geography, 2nd Edition
by Michael Pidwirny, 2008

Gems and Gem Minerals
by Oliver C. Farrington, 1903

by G. Bellini, et al., 2013, 53 pp, 3.8MB, PDF

Geo-neutrinos and Earth's interior
by G. Fiorentini, M. Lissia, F. Mantovani, 2007, 56 pp, 1.4MB, PDF

Geochronology: Methods and Case Studies
by Nils-Axel Morner (ed.), 2014, 204 pp, multiple PDF files

Geodesy and Gravity
by John Wahr, 1996, 304 pages, 1.1MB, PDF

Geodetic Sciences: Observations, Modeling and Applications
by Shuanggen Jin, 2013, 344 pp, 19MB, PDF

by Bradford Hager, 2006, PDF

The Geologic Story of Arches National Park
by S. W. Lohman, 1975, 113 pp, multiple formats

The Geologic Story of Palo Duro Canyon
by William A. Matthews, 1983, 61 pp, multiple formats

Geology for Engineers
by Robert Fox Sorsbie, 1911

Geology: The Science of the Earth's Crust
by William J. Miller, 1922, 401 pp, multiple formats

Wikipedia, 2014, online html

Geothermal Energy: Delivering on the Global Potential
by Paul L. Younger (ed.), 2015, 431 pp, 50MB, PDF

Glacier Evolution in a Changing World
by Danilo Godone (ed.), 2017, 184 pp, multiple PDF files

Global Climate Change And California: Potential Impacts And Responses
by Joseph B. Knox with Ann Foley Scheuring, 1992

Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States
by Thomas Karl, Jerry M. Melillo, and Thomas C. Peterson, 2009, 13MB, PDF

Global Land Vegetation
by NASA, 2008

Global Volcanic Hazards and Risk
by Susan C. Loughlin, et al., 2015, 408 pp, multiple PDF files

Global Warming Trigger Event
by Darryl Whitford, 2011, 76 pp, 5.6MB, PDF

Global Water: Issues and Insights
by David Allendes et al., 2014, 249 pp, 8.4MB, PDF

Governing Climate: The Struggle For A Global Framework Beyond Kyoto
by Taishi Sugiyama, Editor, 2005, 142 pages, 1.1MB, PDF

Greek Seismology
by Christopher L. Liner, 1997, 131 pages, 450KB, PDF

Groundwater Hydrology
by Charles Harvey, 2005, PDF

Guidebook to the Geology of Barringer Meteorite Crater, Arizona
by David A. Kring, 2007, 154 pp, 136MB, PDF

Handbook for the Alaskan Prospector
by Ernest N. Wolff, 1969, 248 pp, 18MB, PDF

Hard Truths: Facing the Hard Truths About Energy
by National Petroleum Council, 2007, 380 pages, 15MB, PDF

Historical Geology
Wikibooks, 2014, online html

Hydro-Geomorphology: Models and Trends
by Dericks P. Shukla, 2017, 120 pp, multiple PDF files

Image Estimation by Example: Geophysical Soundings Image Construction
by Jon Claerbout, Sergey Fomel, 2008, 330 pages, 9.5MB, PDF

Imaging the Earth's Interior
by Jon F. Claerbout, 1985, 412 pages, PDF

Introduction to Crystallography and Mineral Crystal Systems
by Mike Howard, Darcy Howard, 1998

Introduction to Observational Physical Oceanography
by Raffaele Ferrari, Terrence Joyce, 2004, PDF

Introduction to Physical Oceanography
by Robert H. Stewart, 2008, 353 pages, 10MB, PDF

Introductory Geophysical Inverse Theory
by J.A. Scales, M.L. Smith, S. Treitel, 2001, 208 pp, 1.7MB, PDF

Laboratory Manual for Introductory Geology
by Bradley Deline, Randa Harris, Karen Tefend, 2016, 361 pp, 100MB, PDF

Living with Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest
by Robert S. Yeats, 2004, 402 pp, 24MB, PDF

Manual of the Chemical Analysis of Rocks
by Henry Stephens Washington, 1904

Marine Chemistry
by Adina Paytan, 2006, multiple PDF files

Marine Minerals: Exploring Our New Ocean Frontier
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1987, 349 pp, 12MB, PDF

Mathematical and Physical Ideas for Climate Science
by Valerio Lucarini, et al., 2013, 42 pp, 8.9MB, PDF

Mathematical Geography
by Willis E. Johnson, 1907, 346 pages, 5.8MB, PDF

Mechanism of Sedimentary Basin Formation
by Yasuto Itoh (ed.), 2013, 304 pp, 102MB, PDF

Metal Mining and the Environment
by T. L. Hudson, F. D. Fox, G. S. Plumlee, 1999, 68 pages, 1.4MB, PDF

by J. G. M'Pherson, 1905

Meteorology: Theoretical And Applied
by H. Wendell, R. Longley, 1944

Mineral Matter and Trace Elements in Coal
by Shifeng Dai, Xibo Wang, Lei Zhao, 2017, 372 pp, multiple PDF files

by F. H. Hatch, 1912, PDF/TXT/DJVU

Mineralogy of Quartz and Silica Minerals
by Jens Götze (ed.), 2018, 276 pp, 110MB, PDF

Minerals and Rocks
by J. Richard Wilson, 2010, 163 pages, 9.8MB, PDF

Natural Aerosols in the Climate System
by Charlie Zender, 2011, 254 pp, 2.4MB, PDF

The Nature of Northern Australia
by J. Woinarski, B. Mackey, H. Nix, B. Traill, 2007, 136 pages, 16MB, PDF

New Achievements in Geoscience
edited by Hwee-San Lim, 2012, 212 pp, 29MB, PDF

New Theory of the Earth, 2nd Edition
by Don L. Anderson, 2007, 405 pages, 13MB, PDF

Observatory Seismology
edited by J. J. Litehiser, 1990

Observing the Volcano World
by Carina J. Fearnley, et al., 2018, 771 pp, multiple formats

Oceanographic and Geophysical Tomography
by Y. Desaubies, A. Tarantola, J. Zinn-Justin, 1990, 463 pages, PDF

The Oceans, Their Physics, Chemistry, and General Biology
by H. U. Sverdrup, M. W. Johnson, R. H. Fleming, 1942

One Earth, One Future: Our Changing Global Environment
by Cheryl Simon Silver with Ruth S. DeFries, 1990

Origin and Evolution of Earth: Research Questions for a Changing Planet
Committee on Grand Research Questions in the Solid-Earth Sciences, 2008

An Outline of American Geography
by Stephen S. Birdsall, John Florin, 1992

by Edward Boyle, 2008, PDF

A Photographic Atlas of Rock Breakdown Features in Geomorphic Environments
by Mary Bourke and Heather Viles, 2007, 15MB, PDF

The Physical Environment
by Michael E. Ritter, 2007

Physical Geology
by Steven Earle, 2015, 544 pp, multiple formats

The planet we live on: The beginnings of the Earth Sciences
by Chris King, 2010, 196 pp, 16MB, PDF

A Practical Guide to Geostatistical Mapping
by Tomislav Hengl, 2009, 291 pages, 19MB, PDF

The Practical Oceanographer: A Guide to Working At-Sea
by Rick Chapman, 2004, 159 pages, 1.5MB, PDF

The Principles of Stratigraphical Geology
by J. E. Marr, 1898, 310 pp, multiple formats

Probability and Statistics for Geophysical Processes
by D. Koutsoyiannis, 2008, 161 pp, 1.9MB, PDF

Radiative Transfer in the Earth System
by Charlie Zender, 2010, 178 pp, 2.8MB, PDF

Recent Hurricane Research: Climate, Dynamics, and Societal Impacts
edited by Anthony Lupo, 2011, 616 pages, 58MB, PDF

Regional Oceanography: an Introduction
by Matthias Tomczak, 2002, 402 pages, PDF

The Remote Sensing Tutorial
by Nicholas M. Short, 2009, NASA

Rogue Waters
by A. Slunyaev, I. Didenkulova, E. Pelinovsky, 2011, 51 pp, 4.9MB, PDF

Scripps Institution of Oceanography: Probing the Oceans 1936 to 1976
by Elizabeth Noble Shor, 1978

Sediment Transport
edited by Silvia Susana Ginsberg, 2011, 334 pages, 31MB, PDF

Sedimentary Geology
by John Southard, 2007, PDF

Seismic Wave Propagation in Stratified Media
by Brian Kennett, 2009, 298 pp, 3.9MB, PDF

Shaping a Nation: A Geology of Australia
by Richard Blewett (ed.), 2012, 554 pp, multiple formats

Statistical Physics of Fracture, Friction and Earthquake
by Hikaru Kawamura, et al. 2011, 52 pp, 2MB, PDF

Statistics and Physical Oceanography
National Academies Press, 1993

Stylolites: A review
by Renaud Toussaint, et al., 2018, 88 pp, 4.3MB, PDF

Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air
by David JC MacKay, 2009, 383 pages, 9.7MB, PDF

The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change
by I. Zabel, D. Duggan-Haas, R. Ross, 2017, 294 pp, 110MB, PDF

edited by Damien Closson, 2011, 358 pages, 96MB, PDF

Tectonics: Recent Advances
edited by Evgenii Sharkov, 2012, 330 pp, 52MB, PDF

Texas Rocks and Minerals
by Roselle M. Girard, 1979, 119 pp, multiple formats

Theory of Seismic Imaging
by John Scales, 1997, 297 pages, 5.7MB, PDF

Theory of the Earth
by Don L. Anderson, 1989, 382 pages, 30MB, PDF

This Dynamic Earth: The Story of Plate Tectonics
by W. Jacquelyne Kious, Jacqueline W. Kious, Robert I. Tilling, 2001, 77 pages, 3.7MB, PDF

Traces of Catastrophe
by Bevan M French, 1998, 120 pp, 20MB, PDF

Trouble in the Air: Global Warming and the Privatised Atmosphere
by Patrick Bond and Rehana Dada, 2005, 242 pages, 1.7MB, PDF

The Tsunami Threat: Research and Technology
edited by Nils-Axel Moerner, 2011, 714 pages, 173MB, PDF

Turbulence in the Ocean and Atmosphere
by Raffaele Ferrari, Glenn Flierl, 2007, PDF

U.S. Severe Weather Terminology
Wikipedia, 2014, 301 pp, online html

Understanding and Predicting the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current
National Academies Press, 2018, 110 pp, multiple formats

Understanding Earth
by Jack Dangermond, Matt Artz, 2012, 35 pp, 6MB, PDF

Unsaturated Zone Hydrology for Scientists and Engineers
by James Tindall, James Kunkel, 1998, 624 pages, PDF

Venezuelan Tepuis: Their Caves and Biota
by R. Aubrecht et al., 2012, 169 pp, 156MB, PDF

Volcanism of Hawaii
Wikipedia, 2014, online html

by Robert I. Tilling, 1982, 50 pp, multiple formats

Volcanoes of the United States
by Steven R. Brantley, 1996, 44 pp, multiple formats

Volcanology and Geothermal Energy
by Kenneth Wohletz, Grant Heiken, 1992

Water Encyclopedia: Science and Issues
Advameg, Inc. 2009

Wave Motion in the Ocean and the Atmosphere
by Paola Rizzoli, 2008, PDF

Weather Explained
Advameg, Inc. 2009

Weather Science: An Elementary Introduction to Meteorology
by F.W. Henkel, 1911, 368 pp, multiple formats

A Wet Look at Climate Change: Hurricanes to House Mites
by Peter Moir, 2012, 91 pp, 6.9MB, PDF

Why, and How, Should Geologists Use Compositional Data Analysis
by Ricardo A. Valls, 2008, 58 pp, 3.7MB, PDF

Why could ice ages be unpredictable?
by Michel Crucifix, 2013, 42 pp, 1.8MB, PDF