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April 20, 2015

Software and Mind: The Mechanistic Myth and Its Consequences
by Andrei Sorin, 2013, 944 pp, 7.4MB, PDF

From Chaos to Consciousness: A Brief History of the Universe
by Mike Corwin, 2015, 166 pp, 6.7MB, PDF

Schwarzschild and Kerr Solutions of Einstein's Field Equation: an introduction
by Christian Heinicke, Friedrich W. Hehl, 2015, 96 pp, 2.7MB, PDF

Care at a Distance: On the Closeness of Technology
by Jeannette Pols, 2012, 204 pp, 4.5MB, PDF

April 13, 2015

Investing in the Health and Well-Being of Young Adults
by R.J. Bonnie, C. Stroud, H. Breiner (eds.), 2015, 503 pp, 2.6MB, PDF

Differential Calculus
by Shanti Narayan, 1962, 429 pp, multiple formats

Autism Spectrum Disorder
by Michael Fitzgerald (ed.), 2015, 376 pp, multiple PDF files

What is Life: Sub-cellular Physics of Live Matter
by Antti J. Niemi, 2014, 107 pp, 6.2MB, PDF

April 2, 2015

Emerging Viral Diseases: The One Health Connection
National Academies Press, 2015, 336 pp, 12MB, PDF

Differential and Integral Equations: Boundary Value Problems and Adjoints
by S. Schwabik, M. Tvrdy, O. Vejvoda, 1979, 246 pp, multiple PDF files

Electrical Engineering Applications with the TI-89
by David R. Voltmer, Mark A. Yoder, 1999, 155 pp, 5.6MB, PDF

A Practical Guide to Robust Optimization
by Bram L. Gorissen, Ihsan Yanikoglu, Dick den Hertog, 2015, 29 pp, 700KB, PDF

March 31, 2015

Current Developments in Algebraic Geometry
by Lucia Caporaso, et al., 2012, 438 pp, multiple PDF files

Solid State Physics
by Peter E. Blochl, 2012, 205 pp, 3.1MB, PDF

Membrane Filtration Processes
by Michel Jaffrin, 2015, 72 pp, 4.8MB, PDF

Notes on Noncommutative Geometry
by Igor Nikolaev, 2015, 309 pp, 1.8MB, PDF

March 24, 2015

Computer Systems
by Daniel Taipala, 2013, 168 pp, multiple formats

Inverse Problems and Applications: Inside Out II
by Gunther Uhlmann (ed.), 2013, 580 pp, multiple PDF files

Quantum Mechanics of the Chemical Bond
by Peter E. Blöchl, 2014, 242 pp, 4.8MB, PDF

Serotonin Receptors in Neurobiology
by Amitabha Chattopadhyay (ed.), 2005, 224 pp, online reading

March 20, 2015

Differential and Integral Calculus
by Virgil Snyder, 1902, 348 pp, multiple formats

Satellite Positioning: Methods, Models and Applications
by Shuanggen Jin (ed.), 2015, 212 pp, multiple PDF files

Advanced Topics of Theoretical Physics II: The statistical properties of matter
by Peter E. Blöchl, 2014, 182 pp, 1.6MB, PDF

Categories and Modules
by Takahiro Kato, 2015, 323 pp, 2MB, PDF

March 17, 2015

Brief Introduction to Tropical Geometry
by E. Brugallé, I. Itenberg, G. Mikhalkin, K. Shaw, 2015, 75 pp, 1.2MB, PDF

Anatomy Live: Performance and the Operating Theatre
by Maaike Bleeker, 2008, 271 pp, 10MB, PDF

Discovering the Brain
by Sandra Ackerman, 1992, 195 pp, 3.2MB, PDF

What is Mathematics: Gödel's Theorem and Around
by Karlis Podnieks, 2013, 239 pp, 1.2MB, PDF

March 13, 2015

Thin Groups and Superstrong Approximation
by Emmanuel Breuillard, Hee Oh (eds.), 2014, 362 pp, multiple PDF files

Field Effect Electroosmosis
by Kiumars Ghowsi (ed.), 2015, 108 pp, multiple PDF files

Dark Energy: Observational Evidence and Theoretical Models
by B. Novosyadlyj, V. Pelykh, Yu. Shtanov, A. Zhuk, 2013, 380 pp, 9.2MB, PDF

Theoretical Physics IV: Statistical Physics
by Peter E. Blöchl, 2013, 271 pp, 2.7MB, PDF

March 10, 2015

Twitter Data Analytics
by Shamanth Kumar, Fred Morstatter, Huan Liu, 2013, 89 pp, 3.3MB, PDF

A Course Of Mathematical Analysis
by Shanti Narayan, 1962, 494 pp, multiple formats

Theoretical Physics III: Quantum Theory
by Peter E. Blöchl, 2013, 354 pp, 4MB, PDF

Curves and Surfaces in Geometric Modeling: Theory and Algorithms
by Jean Gallier, 1999, 502 pp, 2.6MB, PDF

March 6, 2015

The Application of Hyperbolic Functions to Electrical Engineering Problems
by A. E. Kennelly, 1916, 324 pp, multiple formats

Advanced Topics of Theoretical Physics I: The electronic structure of matter
by Peter E. Blöchl, 2013, 302 pp, 3.4MB, PDF

Lecture Notes in Machine Learning
by Zdravko Markov, 2003, 65 pp, 340KB, PDF

Handbook of Graph Drawing and Visualization
by Roberto Tamassia (ed.), 2013, 862 pp, multiple PDF files

March 3, 2015

Cell Biology
Wikibooks, 2015, 97 pp, 3.6MB, PDF

Introduction to Continuum Mechanics
by Panayiotis Papadopoulos, 2008, 162 pp, 870KB, PDF

Combinatorial Maps: Tutorial
by Dainis Zeps, 2007, 61 pp, 280KB, PDF

A Course of Elementary Mathematics
by John Radford Young, 1862, 658 pp, multiple formats

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