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Recently added books

March 23, 2020

by Yee Keung Wong (ed.), 2019, 89 pp, multiple PDF files

Shortcuts to Adiabaticity: Concepts, Methods, and Applications
by D. Guery-Odelin, et al., 2019, 59 pp, 2.3MB, PDF

Thermophiles and Thermozymes
by Maria-Isabel Gonzalez-Siso, 2019, 200 pp, 2.7MB, PDF

Lecture Notes on the Theory of Open Quantum Systems
by Daniel A. Lidar, 2019, 131 pp, 2.1MB, PDF

June 10, 2019

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, SETI
by Philip Morrison, John Billingham, John Wolfe, 1979, 293 pp, multiple formats

Contact Topology
by George Torres, Robert Gompf, 2017, 51 pp, 3.5MB, PDF

Exposition of the Theory of Chances and Probabilities
by A. A. Cournot, 2013, 216 pp, 900KB, PDF

The Use of Dispersants in Marine Oil Spill Response
National Academies Press, 2019, 377 pp, 34MB, PDF

May 20, 2019

Progress in Commutative Algebra 2: Closures, Finiteness and Factorization
by Christopher Francisco, et al., 2012, 315 pp, multiple PDF files

Shape Analysis, Lebesgue Integration and Absolute Continuity Connections
by Javier Bernal, 2019, 82 pp, 960KB, PDF

Biodefense in the Age of Synthetic Biology
National Academies Press, 2018, 189 pp, 2.9MB, PDF

Fractal Analysis
by Sid-Ali Ouadfeul (ed.), 2019, 312 pp, multiple PDF files

April 22, 2019

The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book
by Andriy Burkov, 2019, 160 pp, online reading

As Scales Become Separated: Lectures on Effective Field Theory
by Timothy Cohen, 2019, 183 pp, 8MB, PDF

Category Theory in Context
by Emily Riehl, 2016, 258 pp, 1.3MB, PDF

Quantum Field Theory and Functional Integrals
by Nima Moshayedi, 2019, 88 pp, 750KB, PDF

April 8, 2019

Ordinary Differential Equations
by Dmitry Panchenko, 2018, 141 pp, 1.6MB, PDF

Human and Machine Consciousness
by David Gamez, 2018, 222 pp, online reading

Environmental Biology
by Matthew R. Fisher (ed.), 2018, 350 pp, multiple formats

Probability and Statistics: A Course for Physicists and Engineers
by Arak M. Mathai, Hans J. Haubold, 2017, 582 pp, multiple formats

April 1, 2019

Artificial Neural Networks
by B. Mehlig, 2019, 206 pp, 6MB, PDF

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, 2018, 353 pp, 7MB, PDF

The Theory Of Integration
by L. C. Young, 1927, 69 pp, multiple formats

Light Rays, Singularities, and All That
by Edward Witten, 2019, 105 pp, 2.1MB, PDF

March 18, 2019

Infrared Spectroscopy: Principles, Advances, and Applications
by Marwa El-Azazy, 2019, 235 pp, multiple PDF files

Natural Language Processing Succinctly
by Joseph D. Booth, 2018, 93 pp, multiple formats

Categorical Homotopy Theory
by Emily Riehl, 2014, 292 pp, 1.4MB, PDF

Biology and its Makers
by William A. Locy, 1908, 514 pp, multiple formats

March 11, 2019

Reinforcement Learning and Optimal Control
by Dimitri P. Bertsekas, 2019, 276 pp, multiple PDF files

Voyage to Jupiter
by David Morrison, Jane Samz, 1980, 218 pp, multiple formats

Graph Theory Lessons
by Christopher P. Mawata, 2018, 384 pp, online reading

Using Mathematica for Quantum Mechanics: A Student's Manual
by Roman Schmied, 2019, 164 pp, 9.4MB, PDF

March 4, 2019

An Elementary Introduction to Group Theory
by M. E. Charkani, 2018, 47 pp, 500KB, PDF

Gravitation: from Newton to Einstein
by Pierre Fleury, 2019, 100 pp, 2.7MB, PDF

Advanced Memristor Modeling
by Valeri Mladenov, 2019, 186 pp, 65MB, PDF

Lies, Damned Lies, or Statistics: How to Tell the Truth with Statistics
by Jonathan A. Poritz, 2017, 143 pp, 1.8MB, PDF

February 25, 2019

Plant Life of Southwestern Australia: Adaptations for Survival
by Philip K. Groom, Byron B. Lamont, 2015, 268 pp, multiple formats

Parkinson's Disease: Pathogenesis and Clinical Aspects
by Thomas B. Stoker, et al., 2018, 194 pp, 11MB, PDF

Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable
by Andrew Russell Forsyth, 1918, 892 pp, multiple formats

Lectures on Nonlinear Integrable Equations and their Solutions
by A. Zabrodin, 2018, 92 pp, 760KB, PDF

February 11, 2019

Whale Primer
by Theodore J. Walker, 1962, 62 pp, multiple formats

An Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
by Per Kristen Jakobsen, 2019, 226 pp, 2.3MB, PDF

Groups Around Us
by Pavel Etingof, 2018, 25 pp, 250KB, PDF

Hopf Algebras, Quantum Groups and Yang-Baxter Equations
by Florin Felix Nichita (ed.), 2019, 240 pp, 4.1MB, PDF

February 4, 2019

Mechanics and Relativity
by Timon Idema, 2018, 193 pp, 25MB, PDF

Homological Tools for the Quantum Mechanic
by Tom Mainiero, 2019, 126 pp, 1.4MB, PDF

Chronic Heart Failure in Adults: Diagnosis and Management
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, 2018, 524 pp, 10MB, PDF

Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable
by Heinrich Burkhardt, 1913, 456 pp, multiple formats

January 31, 2019

Cell Culture
by Radwa Ali Mehanna (ed.), 2019, 237 pp, multiple PDF files

Computability, Unsolvability, Randomness
by Stephen G. Simpson, 2009, 151 pp, 910KB, PDF

Physics of Soft Matter
by Primoz Ziherl, 2014, 128 pp, 7.8MB, PDF

A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography
by Dan Boneh, Victor Shoup, 2017, 818 pp, 25MB, PDF

January 25, 2019

Linear Algebra
by Jonathan Gleason, 2018, 681 pp, 4.4MB, PDF

Model Theory
by Stephen G. Simpson, 1998, 127 pp, 960KB, PDF

Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy
by Warren W. Boling (ed.), 2018, 136 pp, 3.3MB, PDF

An Introduction to Modular Forms
by Henri Cohen, 2018, 58 pp, 430KB, PDF

January 7, 2019

The Theory of Determinants and Their Applications
by Robert Forsyth Scott, 1904, 308 pp, multiple formats

New Trends in High Voltage Engineering
by Reza Shariatinasab (ed.), 2018, 62 pp, multiple PDF files

An Introduction to Probabilistic Programming
by Jan-Willem van de Meent, et al., 2018, 218 pp, 3.4MB, PDF

Practical Cryptography for Developers
by Svetlin Nakov, 2018, 236 pp, online html

January 3, 2019

A Brief Introduction to Machine Learning for Engineers
by Osvaldo Simeone, 2017, 237 pp, 2.1MB, PDF

The Geometry and Topology of Braid Groups
by Jenny Wilson, 2018, 30 pp, 630KB, PDF

Quantum Computing: Progress and Prospects
by Emily Grumbling, Mark Horowitz, 2018, 206 pp, 8.9MB, PDF

Introduction to the Physics of Gyrotrons
by Gregory S. Nusinovich, 2004, 338 pp, online html

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