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Advanced Exercises in Practical Physics
by Arthur Schuster, 1901, 392 pp, multiple formats

Atmospheric Convection
by David J. Raymond, PDF

The Basics of MRI
by Joseph P. Hornak, 2008

Chaos: Classical and Quantum
by Predrag Cvitanovic, 2008, 813 pages, 8.7MB, PDF

Computational Physics
by Angus MacKinnon, 2002

Computational Physics
by Konstantinos Anagnostopoulos, 2014, 682 pp, multiple formats

Computational Physics
by Matthias Troyer, 2006, 129 pp, 810KB, PDF

Computational Physics
by Morten Hjorth-Jensen, 2008, PDF

Computational Physics: Problem Solving with Computers
by Rubin H Landau, Manuel J Paez, Cristian Bordeianu, 2012, 526 pp, 39MB, PDF

Computational Physics With Python
by Eric Ayars, 2013, 194 pp, 7.5MB, PDF

Computational Physics with Python
by Mark Newman, 2012, PDF

The Data Analysis BriefBook
by Rudolf K. Bock, Werner Krischer, 2010

Dynamic System Modeling and Control
by Hugh Jack, 2005, 998 pages, 5.4MB, PDF

Hitchhiker's Guide to First Year Physics Labs at UCD
by Philip Ilten, 2010, 197 pages, 7.2MB, PDF

Introduction to Computational Physics
by Franz J. Vesely, 2006

Introduction to Computational Physics
by Richard Fitzpatrick, 2007, 322 pages, 3.4MB, PDF

Introduction to protein folding for physicists
by Pablo Echenique, 2007, 53 pages, PDF/PS

A Laboratory Manual for Introductory Physics
by Donald E. Simanek, 1998, online html

Laboratory projects in physics: a manual of practical experiments for beginners
by Frederick Foreman Good, 1921, 300 pp, multiple formats

Lectures in Theoretical Biophysics
by K. Schulten and I. Kosztin, 2000, 211 pages, 3.1MB, PDF

Modelling Rationality... and Beyond the Physics
by Gh. C. Dinulescu-Campina, 2002, 110 pages, 0.7MB, PDF

Neutrosophic Physics: More Problems, More Solutions
edited by F. Smarandache, 2010, 96 pages, 1.5MB, PDF

Quantization in Astrophysics, Brownian Motion, and Supersymmetry
by F. Smarandache, V. Christianto, 2007, 516 pages, 6.1MB, PDF

Thinking About the Brain
by William Bialek, 2002, 85 pages, PDF/PS

Unfolding the Labyrinth: Open Problems in Mathematics, Physics, Astrophysics, and Other Areas of Science
by F. Smarandache, V. Christianto, Fu Yuhua, 2006, PDF